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A local company for Custom Wood Sheds

Pro Wood Sheds is a woman owned and driven company that is ready to use our knowledge and design expertise to help you create the building of your dreams. Our manufacturing crew is made up of family and friends that have been building these custom sheds for over 25 years.

Our goal is to guide you through the steps of creating the shed that fits your needs and budget, making the outcome everything you dreamed of!

Maybe you would like to have a small Courtyard space for starting flower seeds with perfect counter space and storage. How about a Studio to paint pictures of those flowers with lots of open space and natural lighting. Maybe you’ve dreamed of a Cottage style storefront to sell your flowers with French doors and window boxes. Whatever you dream, we can help you get there.

Each week we will walk through new ideas that will open up creative possibilities to help you design your dream Pro Wood Shed.

See you next week!

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