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Burr... Let's Build a Shed to Keep our Things Warm and Dry.

At Pro Wood Sheds our water-tight out-buildings are built to last from bottom to top and keep you warm and dry in the harsh weather.

Standard are 50-year pressure treated 4×4 skids that run the length of building.

Our LP Pro Struct Flooring is plywood secured with resin and wax, not glue.

The 50-year Smart Side Panel T-1-11 house siding has a baked in resin barrier.

Our Windows are Double Pane.

To top it off we use 15 lb. roofing felt and Owens Corning Classic 3-tab Architectural shingles.

There are ways to customize your Pro Wood Shed with additional options for weatherproofing that will target specific needs that you might have. Below are a few ideas to warm up your shed!

Add insulation in the floor. We offer

2-inch ridged foam insulation.

It's so easy for us to put it in when we build your shed.

We offer as an upgrade, Pressure Treated 2x4 Floor Joists


Pressure Treated 2x6 Floor Joists

Nothing says cozy like 2x6 Pressure Treated Floor Joists and 2 layers of Insulation!

How about a Vapor Barrier Hug? This is a great way to keep the warm in, and moisture out.

Our Pro Wood Shed Cottage and Heritage Styles both offer an 8/12 roof pitch to help with snow load and run-off.

The Studio offers a slant roof that will help with Snow as well.

Of Course, you could snuggle up in any of

our Pro Wood Shed options with some

cocoa and a doodle of your choosing

and keep plenty warm!

Give Pro Wood Sheds a call. We will Build your Shed!


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Dec 07, 2022

I like your designs. Do you cover the entire state of Oregon?

Dec 07, 2022
Replying to

We do!

We also serve Washington and Colorado as well as parts of Idaho.

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