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How to customize the Country Barn Style Shed from Pro Wood Sheds

At Pro Wood Sheds we know you need the perfect building for your specific situation.

We offer hundreds of options to allow you to customize style, size, color, wall height, door and window placement. We also offer roof extensions, awnings and decking to further the customizing possibilities. Here are some ideas to get you started customizing your shed.

Look at this attractive parking solution.

Create undercover parking and storage with a Country Barn style shed with awnings. Work on your outdoor equipment and stay dry! Then drive it right inside to store it.

Imagine the possibilities here! Chose a different door style to give the barn a contemporary feel while keeping the charm with the Gambrel roof. What a great potting shed this would make with some of our built-in work benches and shelves. Use it for a guesthouse by adding our sleeping loft and insulated flooring!

This barn style shed is the winner if you have a horse. Picture your filly snug for the night. All of your tack safe and dry too!

Place the windows high to let light in and free up wall space for your things. Turn the covered area into a loft for hay.

Watch the video below to see how to create this Barn Style Shed stall with a tack room

Pro Wood Sheds 3D Builder and all of the options available make it easy and fun to customize your Country Barn Style Shed and create the perfect building for you!

Get started by clicking on our 3D builder!

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