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Let me Tell You About My Garden Shed. I think You'll Want one too!

My Sweet Garden Shed

I go to my Little Garden Shed

As I close the door and look Ahead

I feel a bit of a tingle and I begin to pretend

Inside these walls is my escape Homestead

I've hung my favorite blanket

On my little makeshift Bed

Oh, the times I've hidden away and

Oh, the books I've Read

In my Precious Garden Shed

In my Lovely Garden Shed

I placed a lamp with a soft light Overhead

It helps me see the memories hanging all Widespread

And remember the love and happiness down the path they have Led

Like Wedding Shoes and Christmas Bells and Grandmas Special Thread

Oh, the overwhelming safety in my Little Garden Shed

Even though I warned him that in my space he should never Tread….

I fear a little field mouse is peeking out his Head

Oh, what will it hurt if I give him a crumb of Bread

No one will ever know that He's been my Special Friend

The hours pass by it feels like minutes

The clock has been Misread

And now I have to face it with overwhelming Dread

I have to leave my Lovely Little Garden Shed

To face the world of uncertainty that is so Widespread

That’s ok I'll come back tomorrow to my Beautiful Garden Shed

Don’t you worry my Little Friend I won’t forget the Bread

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