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Out buildings are a must in the Pacific Northwest. Pro Wood Sheds has you covered!

At Pro Wood Sheds our top-of-the-line construction and exceptional one on one customer service are our unrivaled trademarks. We are ready to use our building knowledge and design expertise to help you create the perfect shed for your needs.

We will get that car in the garage and your outdoor tools under cover in a Pro Wood Shed for the rainy season in a matter of weeks.!

Store your mower and garden tools in your new Gable Style Pro Wood Shed. Look at this Gable Style Shed, tucked away and ready to organize and store your garden tools. The perfect small tool shed.

Here are some ideas to get your things organized in any of our Pro Wood Shed Styles with a loft and shelves. We will help you customize it so the windows bring in light but aren't blocked by your things.

Store larger equipment like riding lawn mowers, pressure washers and rototillers in this country Barn Style Pro Wood Shed. Keep things off of the floor with a loft and workbench too.

This Studio Style Pro Wood Shed allows space for hanging longer tools on the high wall and a work bench on the shorter wall to keep you undercover while doing small projects. It fits in a small space as well as matching your roofline for an HOA

Watch here to get ideas on how to customize your Pro Wood Shed with lofts, workbenches and shelves. Learn about window placement to optimize light and customize the Pro Wood Shed of your dreams.

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