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It's Raining, It's Pouring. Pro Wood Sheds has you covered! A perfect shed for your needs.

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Pro Wood Sheds has so many options to help you design and create the perfect shed for your needs.

Gutters, overhangs, extensions and awnings will keep your things dry in the Pacific Northwest rain.

Wood Shed, Tiny Home, Barn, she shed
Wood Shed, Tiny home

You can further customize your shed to get the look you want! Paint, steps, skirting and finishing the interior are things our customers have done to make their sheds one of a kind and exactly what they need.

Wood Shed, Tiny Home, Barn, she shed
Tiny home with porch

Use our 3D builder to get an instant estimate.

Add an extension to create a porch that will keep your entry dry.

Wood Shed, Tiny Home, Barn, she shed, Storage
Tiny home with porch and roll up door for storage

This building has what we call an awning.

It is a very attractive way to extend your living/storage space and keep things dry.

It also has a 12-inch overhang to further protect your investment. Looks GREAT too!

Wood Shed, Tiny Home, Barn, she shed, Storage
Single Slope Tiny Home

Our buildings are so customizable. You can have overhangs and awnings situated where they protect your things from all sides.

This Studio has both an awning and an extension with extended overhangs on the other sides.

Click below to find the 3D estimator on our website or give us a call 503 344-2222. We will happily help you design your building and get it in your yard in a matter of weeks. Let it Rain!

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