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Wood Shed that becomes a Pet Parlor/Puppy Palace

Bathing your pet in your sink or tub is messy.

Brushing and drying your pet gets hair EVERYWHERE!

Now your pet is clean, but your house, not so much. put it off or you spend a fortune at the groomer

only for your pup to get muddy-stinky and matted in a few days.

Not with your own Wood Shed Pet Parlor

At Pro Wood Sheds we will build you a Wood Shed so you can create the Pet Parlor of your dreams to control all of this. You will be the envy of your friends and neighbors.


What if you were to rent the Wood Shed space out for them to groom their pets and start your own little business!

Why not add a kennel to your Wood Shed and keep your pets warm and dry while you are away?

Ooh...In my neighborhood the Shed would be paid for in no time just by renting space to my vacationing neighbors.

Barn Style Wood Shed (pictured top)

Heritage Style Wood Shed (pictured above and below)

Cottage Style Wood Shed (pictured left)

Create the shed of your dreams on our


This is Pearl

Before and After!

Hope this sparked a fire in your creative mind of how you can use a new shed from

Pro Wood Sheds!

Check back next week

for more ideas on the

Pro Wood Shed of your dreams

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