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Tiny Home Inspiration: At Pro Wood Sheds We Customize your Outbuilding To Fit Your Specific Dreams

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

In this Blog, we will show you how to use our 3D builder step by step to create this Garden Cottage Style Pro Wood Shed.

The inspiration for this building is a floor plan for a Tiny Home. One of our customers needed our help to create the building for them to customize the interior of.

Using the 3D Builder we customized the exterior of this building and added available inside options to match the pictured plan.

Pro Wood Sheds does not finish the interior of the building.

Once we build your Pro Wood Shed, you can finish the inside with plumbing, electrical, insulation and sheetrock to match the plan of your choice whether it is a

Tiny Home or a Garden Shed!

Begin by clicking on our 3D builder and choose STYLE. Once there click on Garden Cottage then LP Lap Siding.

Scrolling down you will see some of the many options that we offer at Pro Wood Sheds. Scroll to Exterior Upgrades. Here you will choose Roof Extension with Decking. Scroll further down to Exterior Upgrade Size and choose the 8' Extension.

Scrolling further in the STYLE option, choose a 9' Sidewall Height. This will allow a 5-foot-tall loft. Also choose 24 " Eaves on All Walls in Roof Overhang. Architectural shingles is chosen for you. A block fee is required for placing the building on anything but concrete or asphalt. Next, also choose Pre-constructed and Delivered, this will allow you to choose paint colors. If you want it built on site, we will prime it for you! You can paint it to match your home.

Next click on SIZE and choose the 12 by 16 width x length

Now Scroll to DOORS WINDOWS & EXTERIOROPTIONS. Click where it says 24x24 dormer. Adding this Back Dormer will give you more space and height in your loft along with added light!

Now, turn the building so you can see the porch and click on Door where it says Add Items to Wall. Then click on the door and scroll to choose the Pre-Hung 1/2 Window (Grids)door. We have doors without grids available if you prefer.

Position the door to the left.

Now click on Window and add a 3x3 Window in a single grouping with Shutters to the right of the door.

Our Windows are all Double Pane

In the next step, click on Transom and position that centered above the door and window.

Now turn the building to the right side and remove the door by clicking and deleting it. Add a 3x3 Window with Shutters and a 2x3 Window with Shutters and place them as needed by looking at the floor plan.

Turn the building to the other side and add two 2x3 Windows with Shutters placing them according to the plan.

Going to the back of the building place one 2x2 Window with Shutters at the top and one 2x3 Window with Shutters as shown on the plan

Scroll down to FLOORING & INTERIOR. You will see the options under FLOORING for the floor joists here we've chosen the 2x4. We'll use the 5/8 LP Pro Struct Floor.

Add the Insulated (Rigid Foam) Floor.

It's important to do this now as you cannot do it later.

Now, scroll over to INTERIOR. Choose an 8' Depth Loft. We are unable to show railing in these pictures but it can be added in addition to a Ladder.

Now scroll to COLORS where you will be able to choose the color of the Roof the Siding and the Trim!

Show us your plan. At Pro Wood Sheds we will help you customize and modify the building to fit your specific ideas and needs. We know some great ways to optimize storage and space. Let Pro Wood Sheds work with you to Create Your One-of-a-Kind Outbuilding Project.

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